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About Us

We’ve been committed over the past decades to provide the largest network, the best in operations management, and the latest travel products and services, empowering both businesses with established customer bases and those that are just starting out.

We're an American company dedicated to creating solutions for travel insurance and assistance. With the help of our partners, we develop, maintain, and innovate on the strongest travel support platform, supplying our clients with the tools and expertise they need to advance and sustain their services.

Our story

International Logistics & Solutions was founded on the premise of assistance service excellence. After providing service solely for end-users, we shifted our focus to companies in the travel industry, utilizing our experience serving consumers to power the next generation of insurance and assistance providers.

Backed by an ideology of limitless innovation, we steadily move towards our goal of providing a solution to meet every necessity, so that our clients and partners can better manage their operations, sustain their services, and provide a great experience to their users.

Today, we continue to expand on this ideal, staying ahead of the curve, ready to meet the needs of our clients and partners before they arise; a practice that guarantees providers the quality service and success rates they demand.

Our Partners

Our partners make up a core pillar of our organization, so we collaborate only with those that share our goals of industry excellence and innovation.

We closely coordinate our efforts with our partners to ensure we meet the demands of an ever-expanding industry. We understand that staying relevant is a core factor in the success of our clients, so a large part of our everyday practice revolves around continuous partnership developments with both emerging innovators and established companies.

We currently have partnerships with major insurance and assistance providers, communications and technology experts, advertising/marketing specialists, and worldwide health networks.

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why us?

Working with us means having a partner on your side. We work with knowledge, professionalism and passion – not only to provide you with the latest travel insurance and assistance solutions, but ensuring world class attention and expertise.

Our goals align with those of our clients, partners, and consumers, securing consistent contributions to our industry and assuaging the requirements and expectations of every party. Regardless of which feature set you require, there's no other end-to-end solutions like ours.