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Private Label

Everything you need to incorporate travel insurance and assistance options to your list of services.

A branded solutions that merges our travel insurance and assistance components. For insurance companies, travel agencies, and other organizations who wish to expand their list of services and attract new consumer groups.

Our private label development can provide:

  • Claims and loss insurance coverage.
  • Personalized quotation and emissions platform.
  • 24/7 Multilingual call center.
  • Case management and coordination.
  • Marketing, advertising and technology solutions.
  • Worldwide provider network access.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Operations Management

    Allowing you to delegate the majority of your routine operational practices to us. Many companies already trust our platform to manage their operations – reducing overhead costs and eliminating the need for complex infrastructure. Our operations are held to standards—compliant security and privacy measures.

    Our operations management component features:

  • Administration.
  • Customer care.
  • Recordkeeping.
  • Data collection.
  • Billing, accounts, and payments.
  • Customer relations management.
  • Products & Services

    We heavily invest in the development and application of forward—thinking products and services to ensure your relevancy among consumers. As travel becomes increasingly ubiquitous, we expect the demands of consumers to evolve with the industry. In an exhaustive effort to keep a step head of the competition, we look onward to the products and services of tomorrow's market.

    Our products and services include:

  • Personal concierge services.
  • Telemedicine.
  • Shopping access and rewards cards.
  • Pharmacy discount cards.
  • Mobile device deployments.
  • Pet housing.
  • Stem cell treatment
  • Among others.
  • Network of Networks

    By combining several assistance provider networks, we've achieved some of the largest coverage in the world. Our global provider network is a highly valuable asset for any travel assistance companies in ensuring their end-users comprehensive, worldwide support and care. Regardless of time or location, our network can provide anything from concierge to emergency medical services. We rigorously maintain and expand on our network, adding providers, expanding the scope of our products, lowering costs, and improving service quality.

    Our network of networks component features:

  • Provider network management.
  • Proactive claims management.
  • Cost containment and repricing.
  • Among others.