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A drive for innovation

Our solutions power the products and services of insurance and assistance companies, increasing perceived value, promoting market differentiation, and ensuring quality support for their users.

Travel has become a commonplace way to explore the world, visit family members, and conduct business, so travelers are often encountering tough situations abroad and learning the hard way why travel insurance and assistance is a necessity.

We make it easy for providers to offer travelers the services they need. In fact, we offer a comprehensive platform that contains cutting-edge products and services to differentiate yourself and increase value, a way to delegate the majority of your operations to reduce the need for costly infrastructure, and a global provider network that ensures your users coverage, wherever they are in the world.

What we do

Our support platform features everything providers need to establish, develop and sustain their travel insurance and assistance services. Designed for both new or established organizations..

Private Label Development

For organizations who wish to add travel assistance and insurance to their list of services.

Product & Service Innovation

Modern solutions to take your existing travel insurance and assistance services to the next level.

Network of Networks

Worldwide provider network that ensures global coverage for your users.