Enterprise Solutions.

for the travel insurance

and assistance market.

Who are we?

We are an American company

We are an American company capable of innovating and maintaining the most advanced support platform in the world

We have strategic alliances with industry leaders, providing tools and logistics to our client companies to enhance and sustain their services.

In 20 years we have offered:

Extensive supplier network

The best in operations management

The latest in travel products and services

Our history

International Logistics & Solutions

Was established under a concept of excellence in assistance services. After providing direct-to-consumer services, we focused on companies targeting the travel industry.

We use our expertise to serve the public and drive a new generation of travel insurance and assistance providers.



We provide what is necessary for our customers and partners to improve the management of their operations

We are at the forefront of the industry by successfully responding to the requirements of partners and customers.

We guarantee an optimized service and an immediate success rate.

Our partners

They represent the key piece of our company. For this reason, we establish partnerships with organizations whose innovation objectives are the same as ours.

We coordinate efforts with our partners to meet the demands of an ever-expanding industry.

The success of our customers is to be distinctive and stay relevant. For this reason, we work on continuous development with our partners, emerging, innovators and established organizations.

We have numerous partnerships with insurance and travel assistance providers around the globe. We also have partnerships with communications and technology companies, marketing and advertising specialists, and health networks around the world.