Expand your portfolio of services and attract new customers.

Products & Solutions

We work directly with global companies that provide insurance and travel assistance services. And the enhance their work, at ILS we design various proprieetary products that add value throughout the technological development of these companies.

We are at the forefront of the real needs of our customers and their users. That is why we believe in technological innovation as a tool to expand the global network.

How do we do this?
Through the inteligent development of products and solutions.


It is a tool designed to meet the needs of the traveler whereever they are in the world.

This application can be used to:
  • Contact an advisor.
  • Receive telemedicine assistance.
  • Review a voucher or contracted policy.
  • Request a travel guide.
  • Know the types of plans.
  • Get a quote.
  • Request reimbursements or learn about the reimbursement process.


A management system that allows our clients to property manage their agents and sales. This translates into greater productivity, and clarity to focus on the products or services they offer.

This platform can be used to:
  • Outsource routine practices.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Reduce overhead costs.
  • Eliminate the use of complex infrastructure.
  • Ensure higher performance

An inteligence developed for travel agencies, tourism portals, hotel chains, tourism wholesalers, department stores; among other clients from different sectors.

Doctor's office.

Emission platform.

Telemedicine platform.

Operations Management.

We improve the productivity of our partners and customers by outsourcing their routine practices.

Many companies rely on our platform to manage their operations. This allows them to improve their efficiency, obtain greater productivity and focus on their products or services.

They reduce costs and eliminate the use of complex infrastructure.

Our operations management component offers:

Global network

By combining multiple networks of assistance providers, we have achieved one of the largest coverages in the world.

Our global network is a great advantage for any travel assistance company. It ensures comprehensive, worldwide support and cares for your customers.

Our network can provide both counseling and emergency medical services, anywhere, anytime.

We maintain and expand our network. We do this by adding providers, expanding the scope of our products and services, reducing costs, and improving the quality of care.

Crisis Management

Smart Delay